Brothers 'Hulk' And 'Conan' Show Off Massive Biceps Made From Dangerous Chemicals

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What would you do for 28-inch biceps?

For brothers Tony 'Hulk' Geraldo, 49, and Alvaro 'Conan' Pereira, 50, they've always been willing to go above and beyond for a bulked-out bod.

Since they were teenagers, both Hulk and Conan have been injecting themselves with dangerous chemicals into their biceps to artificially grow their muscles.

According to Daily Mail, the brothers pump themselves full of the supplement Potenay B12 twice a week, which is typically used to treat cows and horses.

Hulk and Conan, who hail from Rio de Janeriro, Brazil have claimed while enhancing their jacked-up appearance had previously been a form of addiction, they now have their bulking under control.

However, both their doctors and family members have been begging them to stop.

While the Potenay B12 supplements can cause liver damage, kidney damage, and potentially death, the brothers say they won't let anyone come between them and their injections.

Hulk said he had previously warned his wife he would chose the chemicals over their marriage.

"My wife doesn't like it. However, I am happy with myself. She has to accept me like I am, or we will have to go our separate ways," the father-of-three said.

'I usually tell my wife that she's the only one who doesn't like me. Other women love my size, they love it," he added. "Once we were walking in front of my gym and I told her, 'Look, if you don't want me there are several other girls who does.'"

However, that doesn't mean they only rely on injections to maintain their buff appearance. They train at the gym for several hours day, and eat between 4,000 to 6,000 calories a day.

The bodybuilders's meals often consist of eggs, sweet potatoes and meat, which are consumed several times a day. Before they pump some iron, they'll typically indulge in 12 bananas and six egg whites too.

They have a combined weight of 530 pounds, and have long idolized former body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Conan first began to use the supplements when he was only 15 years old, with Hulk quickly following suit. They said they felt "too skinny" growing up, and these chemicals helped them gain confidence.

"People around me didn't let me go on the wrong path and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be bigger, but I always tell him that we need to be careful," Hulk explained.

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