Bride Dumped By Fiance After Missing Her Own Wedding Ceremony

Facebook/Nikki Tuohy

A woman has been dumped by her fiance at her wedding reception after missing the ceremony.

After a series of mishaps, Nichola Tuohy accidentally missed her own nuptials, leaving her fiance, Darren Ferne, jilted at the alter.

According to The Sun, the former couple met online in September 2014, and had an instant connection. It only took Ferne five weeks before he proposed.

The mother-of-three thought it was too soon, but agreed to tying the knot three months later when Ferne proposed again on Valentine's Day.

The former bride spent £12,000 (about $16,900 US) planning her dream wedding, but felt so overwhelmed by a series of unfortunate events.

Tuohy's parents refused to attend the wedding ceremony as they didn't approve of the relationship. One of Tuohy's bridesmaids also had to back out as her children were ill.

Her makeup, which was done at a department store, made her feel even worse, as she said it made her look like a "TOWIE (a British reality show) extra."

Things only went from bad to worse when the vintage car Tuohy had booked didn't have enough seatbelts for all of her children, forcing her drive to the church in her Ford Focus, with a makeup-less face, and her wedding dress still stuffed in the truck.  

"I wish the rehearsal the night before had been the real thing," Tuohy said.

"It was my fault. I just got so overwhelmed with things to do on the day that I had a meltdown. I feel like I have lost everything," she added.

Since Tuohy was more than fashionably late, Ferne walked out of the reception when she finally did arrive.

While the couple attempted to stay together afterwards, Ferne couldn't get over the failed wedding ceremony.

"We would probably still be together now if our wedding hadn’t been ruined," Ferne said. "It’s not the kind of thing you can get over easily."

Do you think Ferne should have forgiven Tuohy?