19-Year-Old Girl Suffers From The Worst Side Effects After Being On Birth Control For 6 Months

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Daily Mail / Healthline

Contraceptive pills are not only prescribed to women trying to prevent a pregnancy, but are also taken to regulate periods, make them lighter, make them less painful, improve acne, and decrease unwanted facial hair, among many other benefits.

After four successful years of taking birth control medication, one 19-year-old girl switched her pill, and six months later, she was left unable to walk and "crying out in pain."

The hormonal contraceptive is taken by approximately 12 million women in the U.S. each year.

Most prescribed medication has a warning label of its side effects, ranging from nausea to, sometimes, death.

In the case of birth control medication, common side effects include breast tenderness, spotting, mood changes, and missed periods.

Uncommon, and serious, side effects include blood clots, migraines, depression, and yeast infections.

Eleanor Waring's health was severely compromised after she changed her birth control medication six months ago.

"I wasn't on the same one all that time – I'd swapped it a few times. I'd only been on that pill for about six months," she said.

Waring is now warning others about some of the serious side effects of "the pill" we don't often hear about.

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