Bike Thief's Getaway Prevented After Cowboy Lassoed Him

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Normally when someone yells for help outside an establishment, people expect for a police officer to step in. Well, when there are no cops around, you've got to rely on the kindness of strangers. One woman was able to receive help that no one was expecting when the "John Wayne of Southern Oregon" stepped in when she was in trouble.

Outside of a Walmart in Eagle Point, Oregon, a man was heading in to go pick up some dog food when he heard a woman screaming. "I hear a lady yelling 'Stop him he stole my bike!'" Robert Borba said.

He took off without thinking, running back to his horse trailer and getting his horse out before going after the man biking away. He said that he "grabbed Old Grey from the trailer and went for him."

Borba chased down the man on the bike while others watched on, and when he caught up he did what any real cowboy would do...

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