52 Years After They Went Missing, The Search For The Beaumont Children Continues With New Leads

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A parent's worst nightmare is that their children do not come home. For the Beaumont family, they experienced this pain not for just one child, but for three of their children all at once.

Jane (9), Arnna (7), and Grant (4), all left to go to the beach, but they would never be seen again. While it may sound strange that three young children would go to a beach without supervision, it was common at the time.

This incident happened all the way back in 1966, but it's only now, 52 years later, that the police have uncovered new evidence that may lead to the answers to a family's questions.

The cold case is finally seeing some motion, after decades of stalled investigations. Here's how it all started.


The three children left together to go to the Glenelg beach in Australia on January 26, 1966. They were expected home by 2:00 pm, but they never came back. By 7:20 pm, Jim and Nancy Beaumont called the police and reported their children as missing.

SA Police

They jumped into action immediately, with the father heading to the beach to search for his children with the police. After hours of searching, and the radius growing out to include sea rescue, still no sign of the kids.

SA Police

The community came together to try and help, but even that wasn't enough...

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