Teen Mauled By Bear After Running In Charity Race

When living in Alaska, it's not unusual to come across wildlife. Living in a more remote area with a lot of nature surrounding it can lead to encounters with larger-than-life animals.

Unfortunately for Patrick Cooper, a 16-year-old from Anchorage, Alaska, he did not survive his animal encounter, but did manage to warn his brother it was happening.

Cooper was running in the Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb race through the Bird Ridge mountain. He was

Ignoring One Symptom Prevented An Early Cancer Diagnosis For One Teen

Most of us like to think we're in tune with our bodies. But how many times have you felt a strange bump, an odd headache, or a weird muscle strain and just thought "if it gets worse I'll go see a doctor" but never have?

It's often a fear of what COULD be wrong that stops us from seeking attention. Well, that and expensive health care.

But it's time we all start caring for ourselves

School Defends Decision To Allow Serial Killer To Volunteer With Kids

If you have never heard of Karla Homolka, consider yourself lucky. She is a convicted teen killer from Canada who, along with then-husband Paul Bernardo, raped and killed three teenage girls. One of her victims was Homolka's own sister.

In 1993, Bernardo and Homolka were arrested for their crimes, but Homolka took a plea bargain claiming she had been abused by Bernardo herself and was an unwilling accomplice. Because of this, she only got 12