Aunt Receives Creepy Phone Calls From Her Dead Niece's Missing Cell Phone


Desiree Gibbon was a New York City model who traveled to Jamaica November of last year to try to find work.

While on her trip, she was found in the middle of a road, dead. Police knew it was a murder, and went ahead with further investigations. The authorities still have not found her body, or her cell phone that was on her the last time she was seen.

Peggy Brunner, Gibbon's aunt, told the New York Daily News she was making dinner last Sunday when she received a call from the phone of Desiree Gibbon, her late niece.

Brunner said she immediately got goosebumps when she saw who was calling. She answered the phone to hear nothing but silence on the other end. She received a second call just before midnight of the same night, from her nieces phone again. This time she didn't pick the phone up.

She later tried to call the number back but it said the number she was trying to call was out of service.

Desiree Gibbon's parentsnydailynews

Gibbon was last seen three days before her death on Thanksgiving night, on a surveillance video. The model was seen walking out of a hotel owned by her grandmother. She did not have any identification with her at the time and was only carrying her cell phone.

Once an investigation started, the authorities said they were looking for a person of interest in the case, but never found them.

Her family has stated that they feel as if the Jamaican authorities aren't doing anything to find Desiree Gibbon, and that they don't have any answers or closure.

As for the mysterious phone calls, Brunner has not received anymore and has no answers to why she received them.