5-Year-Old Dies Shortly After She Was Denied Treatment For Being 10 Minutes Late

The Sun / Treehugger

I've always hated going to the doctor because of how much time it takes up in my day. I'll usually have to take a full day off just to go for a check-up or talk briefly with my doctor.

Despite making an appointment, family doctors seem to always be late. If you're not waiting in the waiting room, you're waiting in the examination room. I understand that some patients require more time, but if this is happening so often everywhere, doctors need to see less patients. But of course, time is money.    

Well, what if the tables are turned? What if patients are the ones who arrive late?

One little girl and her family learned the hard way...  

Ellie-May Clark was reportedly "wheezing and unable to walk" when she went to see her doctor.

Ellie-May's mother booked an appointment for her five-year-old daughter beforehand, and informed the office that her little girl was at risk of having "an episode of severe/life threatening asthma."

When they arrived a few minutes late to the appointment, they were turned away at the reception desk because the doctor had a very strict "10-minute rule."

Ellie-May was forced to return home and go to bed, where her mother checked on her every now and again. Close to 11pm, Ms. Clark awoke to the sound of her daughter's coughs, and called an ambulance when she found her daughter on the floor, blue in the face.

According to coroner Wendy James, the little girl died of natural causes, but there was a chance that her life could have been saved.

"From the evidence before me, it is not possible for me to determine with certainty whether an earlier intervention would have altered the outcome for Ellie but nonetheless Ellie should have been seen by a GP that day and she was let down by the failures in the system. Ellie-May Clark died of natural causes where the opportunity to provide potentially life-saving treatment was missed," James reported.

The doctor apologized for what happened, but there's nothing now that can bring Ms. Clark's beloved daughter back.

“I will have to live with the fact that my little girl was sent home to die by a doctor who refused to see her because we were a few minutes late," she said, according to The Sun.

[Source: The Sun]