Teen Says The Woman Who Abducted Her As A Baby Shouldn't Be Punished

Daily Mail / AP

Kamiyah Mobley was just a newborn when she was snatched from her delivery room by a woman disguised as a hospital employee.

Mobley spent the next 18 years of her life as "Alexis Manigo." Her abductor, Gloria Williams, had miscarried her own baby a week before allegedly kidnapping Mobley from the University Medical Centre in Jacksonville, Florida in 1998.

A composite photo of Mobley with a police sketch of Williams.Jacksonville Police Department

The distressed mom had been hiding the miscarriage from her family, and authorities say stealing another woman's child was her way of covering it up.

It took almost two decades for police to connect the dots and arrest Williams, but Mobley says she doesn't want her kidnapper to be punished for her crimes.

Mobley and her abductor Gloria Williams, who pretended to be Mobley's birth mother for 18 years.Kamiyah Mobley / Facebook

The 19-year-old reveals she still thinks of Williams as her "mom," and says her childhood living with her abductor was perfectly normal.

“She was very smart, very loving and generous," Mobley remembers. "She was always giving everything she had to me and my friends.”

Mobley insists her abductor is still a "good person."Kamiyah Mobley / Facebool

“Don't get me wrong, I do feel like it was wrong. But we talked about it and I can understand at the time what was going on. I sympathize with her, I'm not mad at her - of course I forgive her.”

But not everyone is ready to forgive Williams, and Mobley's plea for leniency is causing friction between her and her real mother.

Mobley, who says she still goes by "Alexis" as well, has been getting to know her biological father, Craig Aiken, and her birth mother, Shanara Mobley, since learning the truth last year.

Mobley with her mother Shanara and father Craig Aiken.RollingOut

While she says she has an "incredible bond" with Aiken and her half-siblings from his latest marriage, Shanara is upset by her daughter's affection for the woman who kidnapped her.

“I don't like to define which one is my mother, I like to be respectful of both parties," the teen says about adjusting to her new reality. “I don’t like to take away from either one of their duties or what they did. I don’t want to pick sides.”

“The tears won't stop," Shanara wrote on Facebook, "I see my baby girl wanting this lady in her life and not me.”

Mobley, with green hair, poses with her new family.Daily Mail

But Aiken is trying to stay positive.

“She can’t help what happened with Gloria or the feelings she’s got for Gloria,” Aiken says about his daughter. “What I want to do is block out all the negativity and just focus on building that relationship with her.”

As Williams's kidnapping trial approaches, Mobley says she's hoping for the best.

Williams plead not guilty to kidnapping Mobley.Daily Mail / AP

“I am certain that she's going to get time but I'm hoping not very, very long," she told the Daily Mail. "I think they should be lenient. It's not like she took me and tortured me my whole life. She took care of me very well.”

This case is definitely unique! Hopefully this family gets a happy ending!