A Woman Explains Her Disturbing Reason For Dating A Serial Killer

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Most people have gone through a slight phase where they are attracted to the "bad boys," or someone our parents or friends would never approve of.

For Mariya, a 22-year-old from Arizona, this attraction goes much farther than an innocent phase.

In an interview with UNILAD, Mariya, a truck driver and mother of one, explains that she is a hybristophiliac, which is someone that has sexual attraction to people who commit serious and dangerous crimes.

"I think it's the fact I've always had these terrible fantasies about different things and I realized a lot of the guys I liked did things like that," said Mariya.

"As dumb as it is, and I know it's dumb, but I would get into a relationship with someone that I knew would physically abuse me at times if they're mad or something. If they're a cheater, that's a turn on, if they've shot people, abused, any terrible crime you can think of, it doesn't have an effect on how I see the person."

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