A Stuffed Tiger Caused An Hour-Long Police Standoff


When Bruce Grubb, a 24-year-old farmer, went outside to check on his cows, he made a shocking discovery that led to the police being called.

Grubb went outside while it was still dark outside, he decided to check on his cows because one was due to give birth any day. When he got outside, he noticed there was a tiger sitting in his cow pen. Scared and shocked, he phoned the police.

The police arrived soon after, and made a call saying that the tiger was real. Six police units were sent to Grubbs' farm where they stayed in their vehicles while thinking of their next move.

Police kept sending updates to their headquarters saying, that it was unclear if the tiger had eaten any cattle but it appeared well fed and it’s ears were seen to twitch but other than that it was very settled.

After an hour police standoff with the tiger, police called into headquarters to announce that the tiger they had been so afraid of, was actually a stuffed animal toy.

“I feel a bit silly for calling the police but I thought it was a real emergency. We’re laughing about it now but it was very scary at the time," said Grubb.

They still are not sure how the stuffed tiger ended up in the cow pen, but the whole situation provided a good laugh for everyone involved in the incident.

In everyone's defense, there are many wildlife centers and zoos are in near proximity of his residence so there was a very real possibility that an animal had escaped and wondered onto his farm.

Luckily, because it was just a toy, no cows or people were harmed. But they didn't get off that easy, this story has blown up and the internet is not going to let it go that easily. Of course, it has been made into a meme and people are loving it.