A Preacher Cheated Using Ashley Madison Then Tried Hiring A Hit Man To Kill His Wife

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Stephen Allwine, 44, is currently on trial for the “premeditated first-degree murder” of his wife Amy Allwine, 43.

This Minnesota preacher was in a long, and apparently very unhappy marriage with his wife.

Because of the church's views on divorce, the couple had to stay together and attend counselling.

Allwine learned of Ashley Madison, a website where consumers were encouraged to have a secret extramarital affair. The preacher allegedly had affairs with at least two women.

After his affairs and more unhappiness, Allwine then began searching the dark web for other answers. There, he found Besa Mafia, a website that offered murders and assaults in exchange for money. The website was run by an Albanian organized crime group.

Allwine reportedly made a username, “dogdaygod” and requested a hit on his wife, but he wanted it to “look like an accident.” The preacher paid the hit men $6,000 in bitcoin for the murder but the website appeared to be fake and the hit was never carried out, authorities said.

That's when he decided to take matters into his own hands. He murdered his wife himself, by shooting her, and set it up to look like a suicide. Amy Allwine was found dead November 13, 2016.

This is how he got caught:

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