A Man Found A Black Widow Spider On His Broccoli And Actually Kept It


When a Ethan saw broccoli was on sale, he thought it was great. That was until he decided to cook it a few days later.

"I saw a little black ball inside the broccoli crown about one inch away from my finger. When I took a closer look, I realized it's a spider, and I suspect it's a black widow," Ethan told BuzzFeed.

It was curled up so he thought it was dead, and took out his phone to take a picture of it. That's when he realized it was in fact, very alive as it started moving.

Any normal person would throw the broccoli and sell their house, but Ethan actually removed the spider with tongs and put it into a container.

He claims he is actually very scared of spiders, but anyone who is actually afraid of spiders would disagree with that statement.  

Ethan has decided to keep this poisonous spider around as a pet. He recently posted on Reddit asking for name suggestions, people suggested Brock Lee, Charlotte, and 4060 which is the grocery store code for broccoli.

The most terrifying part of this story is that apparently this isn't an uncommon occurrence for spiders and other creatures to end up in your food. It's not only spiders that can be found either, scorpions, blister beetles, worms, and caterpillars can all be found in fruits in vegetables. These creepy freeloaders can come right from the garden or stay for the ride if they have been imported.

If this story has taught us anything, it's to one, inspect your vegetables before you eat them and two, probably cut out vegetables all together. Because you won't find scorpions in a burger... Right?