A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Leads To An Hours-Long Police Standoff

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A man from Baltimore, Maryland was arrested earlier this month after a hours-long standoff with police in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk. Police were called to a home there after a man spiraled out of control all because of his grilled cheese sandwich. Fifty-five-year-old Daniel Brian Blackwell has been arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and a whole host of charges related to firearms.


The police report shows that everything started to go wrong when Blackwell's wife took an innocent bite from his grilled cheese sandwich. After the bite was taken, Blackwell stormed off to the basement to "cool off," or so everyone thought. Instead, he decided it was time to lose his bloody mind, and start of a series of events that are just as insane as you could imagine.

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He started it off by a firing a gunshot through the floor into the kitchen, narrowly missing his wife, and the three teenagers who were all gathered together. He would later claim that this was just a firecracker going off, but the bullet hole in the floor told another story.

Blackwell's wife decided to go down to confront her husband after his reckless discharge of a firearm, and she found him sitting there, surrounded by a number of guns, and piles of ammunition. Once she saw what was going on, she headed back upstairs to the kitchen to leave him to his own devices.

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