9-Year-Old's Quick Thinking Stops A Carjacker From Stealing His Dad's Truck

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There are very few things that are scarier than trying to deal with a criminal. You don't know what they have planned, and it's hard to predict what they will do if you react at all. For one 9-year-old boy in Indiana, his ability to act under pressure has everyone talking.

Kevin Cooksey went to a One Stop store to pick up ibuprofen for his wife. Another shopper, Kyle Sparling, was inside the store at the same time buying Doritos. The two never expected to interact, let alone go on a high speed chase together.

While they were in the store they spotted a man opening up the doors to the Cooksey's truck, which had been left running. “When I saw my truck door open, I was like, ‘oh my God, what am I going to tell my wife?’” said Cooksey.

The truck had been left running as his 9-year-old son, Larry Larimore, was waiting in the vehicle for his dad. The attempted thief was greeted by the young boy but not in a way that you would expect a 9-year-old to react...

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