8 Donkeys Are Serving Jail Time After Being Deemed "Menaces To Society"

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Eight donkeys were sent to jail after they were found guilty of eating almost $1,000 worth of plants outside a prison.

On Nov. 24, senior jail authorities demanded the animals be rounded up, and put in the Orai jail in Jalaun district, India.

The donkeys' owner, Kamlesh, had frantically searched for his livestock until he was informed of their detainment.

When Kamlesh tried to free his donkeys, he was swiftly denied his request, as they were labelled  menaces to society.

The prison’s head officer R.K. Mishra told The Times Of India, "These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings the owner let loose his animals here, so we detained the donkeys."

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