Police Find Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Wandering Outside In The Snow

Iowa police have located a missing three-year-old boy after a good Samaritan found him wandering outside in the snow, all by himself.

It was only 12 degrees outside in the Des Moines neighborhood on February 9, and he was only wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and shoes without socks, NBC-affiliated WHO-HD reported.

Luckily the young boy was found by his neighbor, Mary Gallardo, half an hour later. He was then taken into police care, where he was kept for another two hours.

The boy's home

According to the police, a police report was never filed because nobody knew he was missing. The child's mother and grandmother were at work, while his mother's boyfriend, who was suppose to be watching him, was taking a nap.

But Gallardo said falling asleep isn't a worthy excuse.

"You shouldn't be sleeping or doing whatever you are doing and not keeping an eye on your children," she said.

While the boy's family members declined an interview, they said he had never left the home by himself before.

Has your child ever wandered out of the house alone? What steps would you take to make sure this never happens again?

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