3 Doctors have Committed Suicide In The Past 2 Years At This NYC Hospital And They Don't Want You To Know

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Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital is a trauma hospital located in West Harlem, Manhattan. But this seemingly normal hospital has some dark secrets they are not sharing.

On Thursday January 18th, a woman jumped to her death from a 33-story West Side apartment building which was located across from the hospital.

The woman's name was Dr. Joomun leapt, the day she jumped was only her third day as a nephrology attending physician at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s. Many of her colleagues watched this happen from across the street, at the hospital.

This death was extremely tragic to everyone who knew this woman. But this wasn't the only suicide by a female physician at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital. A first-year resident, Esha Baichoo, died in March of 2016, and fourth-year medical student, Kathryn Stascavage, died in August of 2016.

Apparently, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s administration was doing little to help those in the program cope with the tragic losses, or even investigating the circumstances that led three young women with promising futures to jump to their deaths. Many physicians told Refinery29 this.

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