17-Year-Old Girl Dies When Earphones Melt In Her Ears


A 17 year-old girl has died in a freak accident that has horrified people who are guilty of using their phones while charging them.

Luiza Fernanda Ghama was using her mobile phone with the earphones attached while she charged it on Sunday afternoon.

When she received a phone call, an electric surge passed through her phone and hit her using her earphones as a conductor. Luiza did not notice anything wrong immediately though and only complained to her uncle of a headache.

Shortly after, her grandmother entered her room and found her unconscious. She was lying on the floor next to a melted cell phone which was still charging. Her earphones had melted in her ears.

Luiza's family rushed her to the local clinic where a lack of resuscitating equipment meant she could not be treated. She was transferred to a larger hospital where she was later pronounced dead by doctors who tried to revive her.

Although her cause of death has not yet been officially recorded, the hospital accepts that her death was caused by an electric shock.

"The relatives said that the girl received a shock," the hospital director said, "It was not raining at the time of the accident but there was a lightning storm."

Luiza's friends and family have been thrown into mourning following the teen's gruesome death. Her photo is posted on a friend's profile with the words "You will never be forgotten. I already feel a void in my heart."

A family member's status says what we're all thinking about this freak accident: "Luiza Fernanda, I can't believe this happened..."